A multi-model database for all of your needs.

Layer on data models as you need them.

Scale each piece as your needs change.

Get breakthrough performance.

Download and start using it today.

  • Key-Value Store

    Key-Value Store is the storage substrate that combines scalability, fault-tolerance, and high performance with incredibly powerful multi-key ACID transactions.

  • SQL Layer

    An ANSI SQL engine with support for numerous ORMs that stores its data in the Key-Value Store.

  • Your Layer

    Check out our Design Recipes to learn how to build new data models, indexes, and more on top of the Key-Value Store API.

  • Need more storage space? Add more Key-Value Store nodes. Need higher layer throughput? Add more layer nodes. Data distribution and replication is handled for you.

  • Key-Value Store can go really fast. We're talking the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. And by that we mean millions of database operations per penny on commodity hardware.

A database you can rely on.

FoundationDB is a rock-solid, high performance database that provides NoSQL and SQL access.

Your Architecture with FoundationDB

Your Application
FDB Key-Value Store

Your application can talk directly to the Key-Value Store, to a layer, or both.

Layers provide new capability on top of the Key-Value Store but are stateless, giving you a very flexible architecture.

The Key-Value Store scales out across many machines and provides industry-leading performance.

Learn more about what makes up FoundationDB:

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